“Hindu Kush” hanging left in the Art Institute of Chicago

Yoors’s work in tapestry, charcoal, paintings, gouaches, and photographs are included in collections of museums, cooperations, religious institutions as well as public private collectors. During his lifetime Yoors worked with architects, businesses, corporations, religious and cultural institutions, and private collectors, directly to meet his patrons needs. The below includes many of the collections that own Yoors’s work. Some of the works in public spaces remain on view, such as “Symphony” in Washington D.C. or the tapestry of “Sheep, 1961” commissioned for the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Edina Minnesota. Prominent museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum of Arts and Design, and the Smithsonian own works.


Museum and Institutional Collections:

Art Institute of Chicago:

FelixArtMuseum, Drogenbos, Belgium

Flaten Art Museum, St. Olaf’s College, Northfield, MN

FotoMuseum Antwerp

Gypsy Lore Society, Liverpool, UK

Herbert Johnson Museum Fine Art Museum, 
Cornell University, Ithaca

Hubert Humphrey Building, Washington, DC

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ministries Von Kultuur, Belgium

Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, DC

Museum of Arts and Design

Shepherd of the Hills Church, Northfield, MN

Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery, Washington, DC

Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

Photographs in the Smithsonian Collection:

1. Harlem Wedding – 1962-3.
2. Hotel Teresa – 1962.
3. Inside Professor Lewis Michauxs Bookstore – 1962.
4. Malcom X in ProfessorLewisMichauxsBookstore – 1962.
5. Gospel Horn Section – 1963.
6. Core Fundraiser with Dizzy Gillespie at the Yoors Studio – 1962.
7. Dizzy at the Yoors Studio – 1962.


1. Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection.
“Inevitable Interaction” – Tapestry 7’6” x 18’. 1977.
2. Museum of Arts and Design Collection
“Sleeve” – Tapestry: 3’ 9”x 8‘2”. 1975.
3. GSA’s Fine Arts Collection
“Symphony” Tapestry: 12’ x 15’. 1977.
4. Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Fine Art, Cornell University
“Dream” – 8’ x 12’. 1973.

Business & Corporate Collections:
(Past and Current)

AGFA Headquarters, New Jersey
Bank of America Headquarters, San Francisco, CA
Bank of Nashville, Nashville, TN
Coudert Brothers, New York, NY
International Minerals and Chemicals Corp., Illinois
JC Penney Corporation, New York
JP Morgan Chase Art Collection, New York, NY
Marine Midland Bank Headquarters, Buffalo, NY
Maurentian Medical Center, Queens
Post Newsweek, Washington DC
Sears Bank, Chicago, IL
Weidlinger Associates, New York, NY
Welton Becket Associates, Santa Monica, CA

1. Sears Bank
“Joy” – Tapestry: 8’ x 10’. 1975-6
2. Image from the exhibition at Sears Bank and Trust
3. Bank of America
“Primevil Night” – Tapestry: 9’ x 12’. 1956
4. JP Morgan Chase Collection
12’ x 24’
 “Red and Black”
5. International Minerals and Chemicals Corp.
“Tantra III” – Tapestry:

Private Collections:

Ophra Aljegon
Bunny Beekman
Simona Blau
Donald Burns
Leonardo Casa Nova
Greg Connors
Paul Cook
Art D’Lugoff
Menachem Dworman
Nancy Englander
Jordan Gruzen
Hurschler Collection
Susan Kaplan
Rene Ketting
Seymour Knox
Kathy Goodman Komaroff
Michael Korda
Jean-Claude Landau
Anouck Lepère
Elizabeth and Jonas Littman
Gerald Luss
Frederic Max
Thomas M. Messer
Miron and Carolyn Minskoff
Jane Blaffer Owen
Felix Rohatyn
James Rorimer
Jonas and Elizabeth Littman
Susan Swain
Edith Soero
James Johnson Sweeney
Jos Van Tilburg
Lizan Tops
Harry Torczyner
Christy Walton
Jerome Weinstein
Elie Wiesel
Harold M. Williams

1. Hurschler Collection Exhibition Catalogue
“Red Trees” – Tapestry. 8’x 6.6’. 1966
2. Hurschler Collection
“Bat” – Tapestry. 7’x8’. 1967
3. Don Burns
Tapestry and drawings
“Pink on Orange Tantra” – 7’ 9” x 7’. 1977
Architectural Digest Photoshoot
4. Ivanka Trump – Jan’s Drawing;
Elle Decor Photoshoot
5. Anouck Lepère – Jan’s Drawings
Nowness Photoshoot